Data Recovery and Hard Drive Failure

Data Recovery and Hard Drive Failure

In an office setting, computers have become an indispensable tool for commerce. It facilitates greater output at a lesser time. Accountants, for instance, need computers to speed up work on financial statements. Engineers and architects used software to perfect their designs. Every professional, at one time or another, needs to get acquainted with computer.

But along with the opportunities come responsibilities. Computers are subject to wear and tear. But probably the biggest threat to computers is the person using it. Yes, you and me. Human error posed the biggest problem to computers.

It wouldn’t be a pretty sight to open your computer one day and find out that it wasn’t running anymore. Some nasty virus or a mechanical problem occurred. All your important files are lost. And you end up, spending the company’s valuable time and effort in data recovery.

Data recovery can be tedious. The good news is data recovery, more often than not, is still possible. Data recovery can be done in two ways: by using data recovery software or data recovery services. Data recovery software can help you revive the data which you thought is lost. Data recovery services can do more than that. Data recovery service is more extensive and required more technical skills.

Before engaging a hard drive recovery service to attempt data recovery, it pays to know what hard drive and hard drive failure are. A hard drive is a stack of disc coated with thin layers of substrate and magnetic material. Hovering above the disc is the drive head. The discs create a slight breeze as they spin, creating a cushion of air for the head. The drive head, as a rule, never touches the discs. Unless something happens to that cushion of air. If in some rare circumstance the head touches the discs, it will drop through the magnetic layers and cut slashes into the surface of the discs. It grinds through the aluminium substrate and spray dust from all three layers and all over the discs. One piece of dust is what causes all of this to happen. The resulting hard drive failure occurs.

What a hard drive recovery service does first is to try and make the damaged drive run again. The hard drive recovery service clones your drive to a blank drive then work on the cloned drive. As for the damaged parts, they attempt to work around those too. The hard drive recovery service then used an off-the-shelf variety of custom-made data recovery software. If that won’t work, the hard drive recovery service attempts to rebuild the data by hand to start the lengthy process of data recovery. The hard drive recovery service recreates the Master Boot Record (MBR) and the Master File Table (MFT). The MBR tells how big the drive is while the MFT tells where all the bits of data are on the drive.

A hard drive recovery service cannot guarantee that data recovery is possible in all circumstances though. Data recovery is oftentimes a lengthy process that is why data recovery is always best to use a professional hard drive recovery service or recommended data recovery software. Or else, NO data recovery will be done and you might run the risk of damaging your computer further.

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